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This class teaches parents how to play musically with their children -stimulating aural, oral and motor development while instilling a sense of delight with the language of music.


Newborn to 6 Years

Designed for parents with children of all ages, the focus of this class is singing and playing instruments.  No prior music knowledge is required.

Musical play activities:

kdbull2.gif (848 bytes)  Increase your child's curiosity about music.

kdbull2.gif (848 bytes)  Develop listening skills and sense of beat.

kdbull2.gif (848 bytes)  Establish a foundation for singing and musical thought.

kdbull2.gif (848 bytes)  Bridge the natural connection between music and movement.

kdbull2.gif (848 bytes)  Enhance your child's musical aptitude and listening abilities.

kdbull2.gif (848 bytes)  Lay the foundation for singing and vocal development, listening skills and purposeful movement.

kdbull2.gif (848 bytes)  Help develop a strong musical bond with your child and closer family ties.


kdbull2.gif (848 bytes)  Movement activities for coordination, body awareness, exploration of space, body control and the pure joys of movement.

kdbull2.gif (848 bytes)  Folk songs for singing, dancing and listening.

kdbull2.gif (848 bytes)  Focused listening examples from both daily life and music instruments.

kdbull2.gif (848 bytes)  Instruments to explore: rhythm sticks, jingles, rattles and drums.


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