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Musikgarten is a fun yet educational way to introduce your children to the beauty of music featuring a forty-five minute class focusing on singing, dancing, storytelling and playing musical instruments. The class is designed for children ages 0-6 years accompanied by their parent/grandparent. Music helps develop language, self-expression, self-awareness, motor skills and much more! Space is limited. Register today!



Why Musikgarten?

Children are naturally drawn to music, which will make your time with them in Helen Myers' Musikgarten both fun and beneficial.   Considering music education for you child at an early age is a first step toward bonding musically with your child and enriching your family life with active music-making. 



The Curriculum

Musikgarten's programs are based on meeting the developmental needs of children as they grow.  Favorite songs, stories and dances are revisited throughout - building on what each child as mastered and enjoyed - making successful learning easier. 



Benefits of Early Childhood Music

Music's melodic and rhythmic patterns awaken and stimulate neural pathways into the brain that help develop memory, math skills and powers of abstract and creative thinking. 

Music touches all spheres of development:

kdbull2.gif (848 bytes)  Language
kdbull2.gif (848 bytes)  Self Expression
kdbull2.gif (848 bytes)  Concentration
kdbull2.gif (848 bytes)  Social Interaction
kdbull2.gif (848 bytes)  Fine Motor Skills
kdbull2.gif (848 bytes)  Listening
kdbull2.gif (848 bytes)  Problem Solving
kdbull2.gif (848 bytes)  Teamwork
kdbull2.gif (848 bytes)  Goal Seeing
kdbull2.gif (848 bytes)  Coordination
kdbull2.gif (848 bytes)  Confidence
kdbull2.gif (848 bytes)  Self Esteem
kdbull2.gif (848 bytes)  Music Playing
kdbull2.gif (848 bytes)  Creativity
kdbull2.gif (848 bytes)  Poise
kdbull2.gif (848 bytes)  Family Involvement
kdbull2.gif (848 bytes)  Bonding
kdbull2.gif (848 bytes)  Voice Expression
kdbull2.gif (848 bytes)  Family Interaction
kdbull2.gif (848 bytes)  Emotional Development

Overall, music activities are ideal for your growing child.

kdbull2.gif (848 bytes)  Music immerses the child in language.

kdbull2.gif (848 bytes)  Evokes movement.

kdbull2.gif (848 bytes)  Stimulates the brain.

kdbull2.gif (848 bytes)  Fosters physical coordination.

kdbull2.gif (848 bytes)  Develops listening skills, the foremost necessity for learning.



Is it really possible to teach
babies & toddlers music? 
What are the benefits?

Musikgarten’s founder, Dr. Lorna Heyge, comments:  “While educational leaders turn to early childhood music because it promotes brain development, they will stay with music because of the joy and stimulation experienced in actual music-making.  Music learning requires total involvement – that is why it appeals so much to young children!”



More about Musikgarten

You can learn more about the Musikgarten program by visiting the web site www.musikgarten.org.



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