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About the Studio

Helen Honoree Myers, N.C.T.M. has been teaching private and group piano lessons for over thirty years. She holds a Bachelor of Music degree in Piano Pedagogy with a secondary concentration in Performance from Loyola University. She taught private and group lessons through the Loyola Preparatory Arts Program from 1986-2000, and has recently rejoined the piano faculty at the Loyola Preparatory Arts Program. Mrs. Myers is the high school choral director and piano and Fine Arts instructor at Ursuline Academy. She is permanently state and nationally certified to teach piano through Louisiana Music Teachers Association and Music Teachers National Association. Mrs. Myers is a certified and licensed Musikgarten instructor, teaching classes at Loyola University and Hall Piano.

Lessons Offered

Lessons are based on a nine-month academic year with a 30 minute private lesson and a 30 minute group class each week for a minimum of 32 weeks of instruction.

  •  Private & group lessons
  •  Private lessons, adults only
  •  Group lessons, beginners only

Performance Opportunities

Students are expected to participate in a minimum of three activities per year: the Swanz Cup, (formerly the Gold Cup Classic), the Louisiana Music Teachers’ Association Piano Rally and the end of the year recital. These are the three least competitive events offered. There are however, numerous other contests, auditions and festivals in which my students, if they desire, and if the teacher so recommends may participate. Many of these other events involve performing for an audience.

Studio Requirements

Minimum of 5 practice days each week

Arrange a set time for practice and insist on it being kept. Thirty minutes each day is the minimum for younger students, 45 minutes for older students.

Assignments followed carefully

Attendance at group classes

Students are excused from group classes ONLY if there is not an appropriate one available.

Notebooks checked regularly by parents

Besides checking on assignments, parents will often find communications from me.

Arrival and pick-up on time for lessons and classes

It is especially important that the last students of the day be picked up on time, due to babysitters and dinner.

Nails clipped SHORT

Student’s piano tuned and maintained once a year

Tuition paid on time

If paying with cash, please have music notebook available for a receipt, which has a page designated especially for this.

Uninterrupted lessons and classes

For conferences or messages, please use the notebook or telephone. I make every effort not to answer calls during lessons and depend heavily on my answering machine.